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    Gym: Fitness First 12-month Standard/ Corporate Membership [Most Popular]

    • Access to all 20 Fitness First clubs island wide
    • Fitness Assessment + 2 x 40mins pre-planned workouts with a Trainer
    • mySNP FitPro DNA (Fitness/ Nutrition) Kit by Imagene Labs
    • 30 complimentary visits every calendar year to Fitness First clubs in 13 international countries
    • Freestyle Group Training (HIIT/ Power/ Strength)
    • Group Exercise Classes (Cardio/ Conditioning/ Cycling/ Yoga/ Dance)
    • Cardio Equipment
    • Personal Training
    • Outdoor Training
    • Swimming Pools
    • Steam & Sauna Rooms
    • Aerial Yoga
    • Strength Training
    Your International Passport can be utilised in the other following countries:

    - Australia
    - Bahrain
    - Hong Kong
    - Indonesia
    - Jordan
    - Kuwait
    - Malaysia
    - Philippines
    - Qatar
    - Saudi Arabia
    - Thailand
    - UAE

    Promotional Start-up Fee (UP $150)
    + 2 Weeks Free Membership!

    I am inviting you and a friend to train for free. Enjoy a workout on me!

    For more information, contact me at

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Membership Consultant
    Alexandra Mapletree
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    Join now while promo last :)

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