WTB Fitness First (All Gyms) or True Fitness (All Gyms)

Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by chongye84, 10 Apr 2014.

  1. chongye84

    chongye84 New Member

    Looking to buy either a Fitness First (All Gyms) or True Fitness (All Gym) membership that should last from May 2014 to September 2015 (17 months). Willing to bear transfer cost. Please PM me or text me at 93390891.
  2. Jaytee

    Jaytee New Member

    Hi there , still looking to buy a fitness first all clubs membership?
  3. chongye84

    chongye84 New Member

    Yes I am, are you selling?
  4. Jaytee

    Jaytee New Member

    Yes I am. I'm a consultant at fitness first.
  5. nicholas kwok

    nicholas kwok Member

    hi, i have true fitness membership for about 3 years left looking to let go, interested?

    expires: 30 June 2017

    text me at 97918356 if you are interested, thanks.

    Nicholas Kwok

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