WTS Fitness First Membership (valid till 24 Jul 2016)


New Member
14 Feb 2016
Gym: Fitness First Membership
Membership valid till: 24 Jul 2017

$148 per month (inclusive of gst)

Details of my membership:
- 13 months contract remaining
- access to all fitness first clubs

Benefits of My Fitness First Membership:
- No joining/admin fee required
- immediate transfer and immediate effectiveness
(no need to wait for 1 month notice)
- My membership fees is cheaper compared to the regular price now because it is tied with 'family discount'. The regular price now is $150+ exclusive of gst.
- You are able to bring a guest in every weekend for free once my membership hits the 10th month, which is only two months away

Biggest incentive:
- I am willing to absorb another month of membership fees for you if you really take over my membership. This means that you are only tied down to 12 mths + 1 mth free contract.

Why FitnessFirst?
Personally, I enjoyed FitnessFirst a lot. I have been a member since 3-4 years ago. They have a more types of Les Milis group classes, which i love a lot, compared to other clubs. Their facilities are great! They provide attire, towels, shower facilities etc.

So, why am I transferring?
I started part-time studies. Along with full-time work, I hardly have the time and energy to travel to gym now. It's no longer worth the costs because I've lost the commitment due to time constraints. I am changing to outdoor exercise (e.g. jogging at park) instead.

I am giving myself 1 more week to look for a interested party to take over my membership. Otherwise, I will terminate it soon.

Consider it, it's a really good deal! Ask any FF member, they'll tell you that this is a good deal.

Do contact me at 9272 3574 straight for more details. You can whatsapp me or sms me.