WTS Fitness First Membership (Valid till 30 Jun 2021)


21 Aug 2016
Gym Membership: Fitness First Platinum (Access to all outets)

Gym Membership Valid Till: 30 Jun 2021 (Remaining 8 months as I have paused it for Sep & Oct while recovering from an injury. Can be reactivated any time.

- Monthly fee of $190/month, access to ALL outlets
- Transfer fee of $108 to be borne by buyer
- If you wish to convert the plan for their AIA Vitality rate, it will be $152/month, but you will have to commit another 4 months to make it 12 months in total
- If your company qualifies under their corporate plan, it will be $179/month

For a quick deal, I am willing to reimburse you an additional $120, which will translate to savings of about $15/month ($120 ÷ 8). If you're taking the plan as it is (without the corporate or AIA options), it will be $175/month. If you're taking the AIA option, it will be $137/month for the first 8 months.

Feel free to PM if you are interested, happy to chat!
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