Promotion Fitness First New Membership; March Promotion! (AIA Vitality, Corporate memberships applicable)

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    March 2020 Promotion:
    - $58 Start Up fee (skip out on $150-$250)
    - Up to 28 DAYS free
    - Free exclusive Shoe Bag upon sign up!
    - Guest passes for your friends and family

    Memberships available:
    • All 19 clubs access: 4 months / 12 months / 18 months / 24 months membership
    • AIA Vitality members! You are eligible for a 20% discount off our annual memberships!
    • Living in the West side of Singapore? West area membership also available for 4/12/18/24 months memberships as well!
    • Want to check if your company has a corporate membership plan? Reach out to me, and I will check for you!
    • Have an IHP membership card? You've got discounts on our memberships!
    Want to know more?
    Reach me for the quickest response at +65 86016778 (Ken Yap).
    I don't play play, I give you the best.
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    pls pm me details
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    Pm details thanks
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    pls pm details - thank you
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    Pls pm the details. Thank u
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