Fitness tip of the day [07/12/2011] - "Your mind is a powerful tool"


12 Aug 2011

"Your mind is a powerful tool"

Be it in training or recovery, your mind can be a very powerful tool.

Here are some general tips-

1] In training, visualize what you are attempting to do. Give yourself all sorts of reasons to do it, and do it right. Whether it's learning a new skill or lifting past your plateau. Tell yourself you will do whatever it takes to get there.

2] Recovering from an injury or cold? Don't sulk at how your training days are wasted. Instead, tell yourself how you are going to recover faster than before. Visualize yourself healing. You must be in that frame of mind - to be determined to recover as fast as you imagine. Of course, you have to physically "work" for it too... By giving whatever your body needs.

Yours in Fitness,
Coach Glen Poh
Co-owner of Evori.