Fitness tip of the day - Evori


12 Aug 2011

Lifelong diet/nutrition:

Sometimes due to social events and other circumstances, our diet will stray from time to time. Here are a few simple tips to make sure you keep your healthy eating habits in check:

1] Whenever you are eating by yourself, always make the effort to eat as healthily and clean as you can.

2] During social outings, you may be faced with the scenario of having no choice but to eat unhealthy food. Don't worry about having to cheat on your diet this time. It's not like this kind of scenario happen all the time right? Go ahead and enjoy your unhealthy meal, and just go back to eating healthy again right after.

3] Always choose a healthier alternative whenever you're in a place of "not-so-healthy" foods. Nowadays, there are always healthier options to pick from in most eateries.

4] Pack a healthy snack with you when you go out. Simple as that.

*In summary - Eat as healthy and as clean as you can whenever you have the chance, and don't worry about straying from your healthy eating habit from time to time if you're caught in an occassion where by you don't have much of a choice but to eat unhealthily. (Because such scenarios doesn't happen often anyway.)

Hope this helps.

Yours in Fitness,
Coach Glen Poh
Co-owner of Evori.