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    looking to gain strength or lose some body fats or want to feel better? why not give me a chance to help you achieve your goals!

    12 Week online coaching (only for 5 slots)
    - $300/12 weeks (no hidden fees)
    - custom routine/macros
    - unlimited email throughout whole week (but not 24 hrs because we need to sleep)

    - best to have basic knowledge regarding to lifting weights as this is pure online coaching.
    - be patient and consistent!

    if interested or want to know more details? Contact me!
    email -
    instagram - mrfiveam


    I started exercise since 2013 and just like any novice , i'm doing all kinds
    of mistakes that a beginner will commit, so after my 2 years NS i decided to pursue my studies in Diploma sport science (before enlistment i studied Dip. Computer Engineering).

    after my studies i decided to work as a freelance PT to help as many people as possible! and on top of that i will be donating parts of my earnings to charity! So join me by improve your health and help others at the same time!

    Questions you may want to know:
    1. what health and sports related certificate(s) you currently have?
    currently these are the certs i have:
    - Basic Sport Massage
    - Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
    - NCSF PT Cert (waiting for test in Nov 2019)
    - will be taking more certs to improve myself and service

    2. Why you want to donate parts of your earnings to charity?
    - i wanted to create a fitness business/service not just to improve people fitness but also at the same time to give a helping hand to those in need.

    3. what's makes or motivates you to start exercise?
    - it's during when i'm still studying in ITE year 2, because i failed my NAPFA (now is called IPPT) and when i was young, i'm always the obese and physically weak, because of that i decided to start improve my fitness.
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