Forget about expensive therapy. Partying at a club provides an all-in-one package.


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3 Jun 2011
Forget about expensive therapy.

Partying at a club provides an all-in-one package:

A holistic range including,

Adventure therapy (nightlife is an adventure in itself),
Aromatherapy (sniffing out seductive scents and not-so-sexy ones too),
Animal-assisted therapy (hey wild party animals),
Authentic movement (hell yeah what a workout),
Light and colour therapy (the kaleidescope of lazer beams),
Counseling (tactful advice from peers),
Dance therapy (duh),
Drama therapy (yes there's a whole lot of gossip and politics),
Drug therapy (uh huh choose ur poison),
Energy therapy (very infectious if you open your heart),
Feminist therapy (babes galore with lesbian tendencies),
Grief therapy (get expressive and emotional),
Group therapy (share you innermost desires),
Hypnotherapy (dive into the subconscious when entranced),
Interpersonal therapy (heart-to-heart talks with your besties),
Life enrichment therapy (promised),
Magnet therapy (you might be unable to detach yourself from addictive substances or eye candy),
Martial arts therapy (those self-defense classes/natural mechanism does come in handy with overwhelming angry testosterone levels),
Massage therapy (hmm some grinding when things heat up),
Music therapy (need we say more? DJ~ put it back on),
Physical and physiotherapy (won't elaborate on this),
Play therapy (club's a teenager's/young adult's playground),
Psychotheraphy (your mind might get screwed up somehow with suggestions, for the better or worse),
Psychodrama (a combination of the above-mentioned psychotic and dramatic happenings),
Rational emotive behaviour therapy (when confronted with vices, decisions decisions decisions),
Reality therapy (if you're sober, great. if you're not, this is your post-hangover experience),
Respiratory therapy (certain things like hot beings and crazy dancing may affect excitement),
Recreational therapy (yeap, partying is),
Rejection therapy (the number one fear of men),
Salt therapy (tequila shots, anyone?),
Sex therapy (this one I shall not elborate),
Shock therapy (things that go bump in the night might surprise),
Solution focused brief therapy (when trouble comes round, what do you do?),
Speech therapy (yes you have to talk the talk),
Writing therapy (persuasion to convince fellow mates to come on down),
Yoga therapy (you might be forced into unexpected positions by the crowd)
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