FREE Personal Training Session


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4 Aug 2018
First time hiring a personal trainer and don't know what to expect? Spoiled for choices due to the MASSIVE amount of personal trainer in the market today? What if you hire a trainer and you realise he don't know what he is doing and worse still, wasting your time and money? Isn't it too big of a risk to take, especially when you are looking to get in shape for an important event in your life?

Today i am offering YOU a solution that will take the RISK out of your decision making by offering YOU a FREE personal training session and we will go through your goals and exercises that are aligned with your goals.

you will be taken through exercises with explaination as to you why are you doing them, and how is it even related to your goals instead of you blindly doing exercises without even knowing what the fuck are you doing. That's the most important aspect for training.

The most important aspects of personal training is the chemistry between the trainer and clients. Nobody will like to spend 2-3 days of their week to train with someone who are not even interested in helping them, or worse still, don't even know what the fuck are they doing. Right?

So contact me today to arrange for a FREE personal training sessions and full-body assessment and see for yourself how you can work toward your desired fitness goal. It will be non-obligatory and free of charge, we will only get started on our very first personal training session when you have decided that i am the person that could help you achieve your goals. I will be paying my own travel fee, gym fee and also taking time out of my busy schedule to train you, and the only thing you need to do is to show up!

Ps. For those asking
FREE SESSION are only limited to 1 session.

10 sessions $700
15 sessions $1000
20 sessions $1300