FREE training sessions up for grabs!


10 Feb 2014
Ladies and gents!

We at Infitniti would like to share the joys of our re-branded look, and services, provided for the benefit of.........YOU!

Yes, that's right! We've set to include Group classes, and Corporate packages, on top of the
- Personal Training,
- Small-Group Training
- Kickboxing/Boxing fitness
programs that are already being served on the menu.

To commemorate our re-branding and usher in the festive season, we're giving away FREE sessions when you purchase our training packages;

- 3 complimentary sessions with a 24 sessions package*
- 1 complimentary session with a 8 sessions package*

We have in place a 'Pay Now, Use Later' scheme whereby you're allowed to make the purchase now, and use the sessions later, given the fact that festivities are just around the corner and you would prefer to start after all the merrymaking :)

Still unsure?? Then send in your queries and we'll find an arrangement that would best suit your needs! You can either

drop us a msg here,
send a to ,
or simply visit our site to find out more about what's newly offered!

Till then, have a great week ahead people!

* Terms and Conditions apply. The promotion is only valid for new customers, at our current rates, before they increase once the promo is over.