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Wesley ong

22 Aug 2019
Hello fellow gymkakis, I'm Wesley, a certified personal trainer with 6 years of training experience.
I am result oriented and dedicated in helping my clients achieve their goals.
If you're serious about getting your desired physique, this is the plan for you.
I am offering the first 2 weeks as a trial session and subsequently the price will be at $30 per month.

What you will get

- Customized Workout Plan.

- Customized Nutritional Planning and Tracking.

- Weekly check ins online via Whatsapp with me to monitor progress and make adjustments.

- Access to my exclusive clients group with articles written by me on training, nutrition and mindset development.

- 24/7 communication with me, ask me anything (Training or non-training related) and i will get back to you in just a few hours.

- All your workouts and progression will be logged into my personal training app so you can monitor your progress too.

What you can expect from my coaching:

- Fat Loss and Muscle Gain.

- Increased Energy.

- Increased Confidence.

- Increased Productivity.

- Unbreakable momentum both in/out of the gym.

To sign up,Whatsapp me at 98567873.
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