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    1. Do you want to hire a personal trainer but have financial issue?
    2. Do you want to lose weight and keep yourself fit?
    3. Do you love to exercise but because of your physical disabled stop you to do so.

    I am a freelance female personal trainer that have self train experience of 2 years and undergoing training for 2 years with another personal trainer to gain more knowledge. I am not a professional trainer yet but I can help you to lose weight, meet your idea goal and share all the knowledge with you. Reason for search of client is to build up my portfolio. Type of training will depend on your body and goal.

    Location : true fitness at Viva Business Park.
    Time for training : to be discussed
    Hour for training : 1 hour
    Cost of training : depend on your financial.

    Have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

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    Hi, do u train at condo gym? Can we do it on Sat??
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