Full body workout buddy @ chinese garden/jurong east area

Discussion in 'West' started by Teen, 21 Oct 2018.

  1. Teen

    Teen Member

    Hi all, I'm F, 24 looking for a workout buddy to train 2 to 3 times a week at chinese garden or any park in jurong east area to get better body shape and motivate each other.

    My current fitness level can't even do a pull up but I can plank 2 to 3 minutes, also I'm not good in running. I hope you are at least same or better than me.
  2. YvonnePinkPink

    YvonnePinkPink New Member

    hi i want to look kaki can accompany to gym
  3. Teen

    Teen Member

    Hi Yvonne, how is your training schedule now?
    Im training usually on Tuesday and Thursday/Saturday, 2 to 3 times per week, either go to gym or workout at chinese garden.
  4. YvonnePinkPink

    YvonnePinkPink New Member

    Just want to look for kaki no trainer ~hah
  5. Angelme

    Angelme New Member

    Hi, I am keen on work out near chinese garden. However, I can only make it on some days
  6. Teen

    Teen Member

    Hi, how about we add contact and chat more?
  7. Teen

    Teen Member

    Hahaha yea, im not a trainer or so, but i had trained with a gym coach before, now im just workout by myself
  8. Acelife

    Acelife New Member

    Hi! I’m interested! Can I still join? The more the merrier right? :)
  9. Teen

    Teen Member

    Hi, sure im just about to pm you
  10. nothingherela

    nothingherela New Member

    Hello! I just started gyming recently. Is it too late for me to join you guys?
  11. Teen

    Teen Member

    Hey, it's never too late, welcome!
  12. Empyrean

    Empyrean New Member


    I am not fit but would like to workout. May I know if the workout is intense? I stay near chinese garden.
  13. Diah

    Diah New Member

    I just recently start going to jurong lake garden activesg.
    Workout on the Sunday.
    Is slot still open for 1 more?
  14. Teen

    Teen Member

    This thread is no more active! Thanks!

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