German Volume Training


1 Mar 2013
Pasir Panjang
Hi folks, check this out: - German Volume Training!

This method of training is called German Volume Training, or 10x10. Key points are:
1) Inducing hypertrophy through high volume
2) Form and tempo (especially lifting tempo) very important
3) Rest period to be very strict circa 60-90 s
4) Compound lifts only

Tried it two months ago, although not as crazy as what is listed here. The fella who wrote the article recommended opposing muscle group supersets...

I did just incline bench 10x10 with 60 s rest, and when I jumped back to regular 8-12 x 4 sets with 2-3 mins rest, I saw quite significant jumps in acceleration strength (aka starting lift power) and strength endurance. The previous lifts seemed easy...

Try it out after a period of regular training, like just 3 weeks of progressive GVT on 2 or 3 compound lifts, I am keen to hear someone else's experience with GVT other than my own. Seems like not many folks have tried this before...

Have fun! Stay safe!