LOL girl getting trolled so bad


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15 Aug 2011
found this on another forum site..
This girl added me on facebook about a month ago. Chatted for a bit and got her number.

Msged each other a few times but nothin too serious, was always making excuses not to see me, so I stopped msging her.

and today out of the blue, she msgs me, but only because she wanted a lift to a stadium (about an hour drive)

I seriously dont know what was on her mind, thinking that I would actually do it. She probably thought I was a white knight beta ***got, so I decided to have a little fun with her and make her pay. Also this has nothing to do with anything but I have never msged anyone stupider than this girl, seriously she is dumb as ****



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4 Jun 2011
This thing should have ended at the trololol street part. Too bad she didn't sniff out the troll