Girl offers virginity for iPhone 4


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7 Jun 2011
A young girl in China is offering her “valuable first night†in exchange for a white iPhone 4.
The girl, whose online nickname is “jiulinghou†or “after 1990†refers to the generation born in the ‘90s. This puts her age between 12 to 21. According to Yahoo news, she was later identified as surnamed Wen.
The girl from Guangdong, China, had advertised the deal on a Chinese micro-blogging site and gave out her QQ number for interested parties to contact her.
She said it is “her dream to own an iPhone 4 but her father won’t let her get oneâ€. She then decided to sell her virginity for it
She had even posted a picture of herself together with basic personal information.
A white iPhone 4 retails in China for RMB$4,999 (S$948) for the 16GB model.
Wen was immediately flamed online, with many people stating that one’s virginity is not worth exchanging for a phone. Others remark that she should at least wait for the iPhone 5.

Source: insing