Girl rumoured to be spreading HIV at Zouk


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7 Jun 2011
Popular nightspot Zouk is investigating rumours about "Revenge Angel" – a girl using a syringe of HIV-infected blood to inject clubbers.

Zouk has made a police report and investigations are ongoing.

Forums are abuzz about the HIV-infected girl who seeks "revenge" on people in Zouk.

A forumer, Toonsy92, shared how one of her male friends was dancing in Zouk when a girl came up to him and suddenly injected him.

He reportedly contracted HIV from the jab.

Another forumer, acefighter, knows of another "Revenge Angel" victim, aged only 19.

A spokesperson for Zouk told Lianhe Wanbao that they were aware about the rumour since early July and made a police report due to the severity of the situation.

Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 29 July 2011.