Gold’s Gym Personal Training - Katong


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1 Oct 2014
Phone Number : +65 3110 5888

Address : 20B East Coast Road Singapore 428747

Through cutting edge fitness technologies, Gold's Gym Personal Training's Katong Branch helps you maximise your fitness potential through tailor-made training programs, small group fitness sessions, life coaching, sports specific conditioning and a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Stay motivated with professional trainers guiding you throughout your journey towards a whole new you.

Gold's Gym is the number 1 choice for anyone looking to see rapid transformations in their physiques. Over here, we mould and sculpt your body according to the blueprints you provide us. Because every body is of unique body types and have their individual ideal physiques, Gold's Gym provides highly customised training programs that is optimal just for YOU. Tailored for your success, your journey towards your fitness goals is accompanied by personal trainers you can trust. Professional personal trainers here show you the way, keeps you motivated, and adds excitement to your workout.

Take your first step towards achieving the body transformation you’ve always wanted. Sign up for a free personal training trial today! Call +65 31105888 now to speak with a Singapore personal trainer or visit