Gold’s Gym Personal Training - Upper Thomson


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1 Oct 2014
Phone Number : +65 3110 5888

Address : 21 Jasmine Rd Singapore 576587‎

Located right next to Thomson Plaza, Gold's Gym Personal Training's Upper Thomson Branch provides clients with fast fitness results. Get in shape fast with their team of professional personal trainers who never fails to give you a great workout and makes you feel good about yourself after every session. Stay motivated and on track, your ideal physique is no longer a dream but a reality.

The gym of choice for anyone serious about getting in shape, Gold's Gym has helped countless individuals like yourself attain the best shape of their lives. A team of highly capable personal trainers act as your guiding light towards rapid physique transformation, helping you avoid pitfalls you would have otherwise fallen into. Maxmise your returns on your efforts, and see your body transform right before your eyes.

Take your first step towards achieving the body transformation you’ve always wanted. Sign up for a free personal training trial today! Call +65 31105888 now to speak with a Singapore personal trainer or visit