Gym buddy @ AF admiralty/ sembawang/ yishun

Discussion in 'North' started by Surf, 7 Jul 2018.

  1. Surf

    Surf New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a gym buddy to train together (because setting and packing up alone is tiring). Preferably female and in the afternoons (3pm onwards). I’m 28. I do light/moderate weights, HIIT, body weight training but I haven't been consistent in working out.
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  2. RorensuShimu

    RorensuShimu New Member

    Found anyone yet?

    Where do you workout?
  3. Snh97

    Snh97 New Member

    Im currently working out at sembawang AF ,21 female, looking for a gym buddy too
  4. Surf

    Surf New Member

    Hi please PM. thanks!

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