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Discussion in 'West' started by Williaml, 11 Nov 2018.

  1. Williaml

    Williaml New Member


    Currently need to restrength leg power after operation.

    Also am trying to lose weigh and have a better shape body.

    Looking for khaki after working @ Clementi, Westgate or Bukit Panjang

  2. Minzanity

    Minzanity New Member

    What time do you usually visit the Clementi branch and what classes do you go for? :)
  3. Williaml

    Williaml New Member

    Haven't hit any class at the moment due to rehabilitate from op.

    Currently using the gym and able to reach before 7?
  4. Minzanity

    Minzanity New Member

    Oh wow you do early mornings haha... For ne I usually do weeknights or weekend afternoons
  5. Williaml

    Williaml New Member

    Nope. I mean after work where be able to reach before 7pm

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