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Discussion in 'West' started by godsgift, 5 Oct 2018.

  1. godsgift

    godsgift New Member

    Looking for a gym buddy at west coast anytime fitness.
    I live nearby and am not very motivated to go to the gym alone.
    So looking for a gym buddy to hit the gym with.
    I am also flexible with other sports.
    I enjoy running and playing soccer, ( street soccer court near ayer rajah market is very good)

    I am an amateur level gym user, and usually stay in the gym for 1-1.5 hours.
    If you are interested to join me on weekdays to either hit the gym, go for a run at the stadium or west coast park or any other fitness related activity.
    drop me a pm.
  2. JammyLee

    JammyLee New Member

    hi, i'm looking for a gym buddy too, i usually work out at anytime at beauty world, i don't mind trying out the one at clementi mrt also, I also have problem finding the motivation alone haha
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  3. godsgift

    godsgift New Member

    Would love to meet new people to work out with, When do you like to work out?
    Drop me private message and we can figure out a time to meet up to hit the gym!
  4. Howard Toh

    Howard Toh New Member

    Hi! Are you still looking for a fitness buddy??

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