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    Why need a trainer?
    • A holistic approach in regards for training, dieting, cardio and positive mental attitude.
    • To teach the proper techniques of execution of each exercise correctly.
    • To guide in the understanding of the true meaning of muscular failure.
    • To teach clients the signs of overtraining
    • Different types of advance techniques to shock the muscle
    • Different types of reps and sets schemes for power, hypertrophy and endurance.
    • Purpose of compound and isolation exercise
    • The full range of motion of each exercise
    • Different types of body part grouping upper body/ push pull / antagonist

    Results Based
    • Guaranteed to feel the specific targeted body parts.
    • Noticeable changes in improvement of personal strength
    • Changes can be seen by others.
    • Feel an increase in energy even when not training
    • Training will be customised for your own personal growth
    • Aesthetic, power, muscle building or fat loss.
    • Proper dieting techniques will also be explain.

    What is required during training?
    • A notebook and pen for note taking
    • A positive and committed mind set for training
    • A never give up attitude
    • Pt attire and bottle, preferably with protein powder

    Where is the training conducted?
    • At any Anytime Fitness gym, Active SG gym or any private gym.

    How is the training conducted?

    • Training duration will be 90 minutes
    • Consisting of written notes of entire workout program
    • Evaluation of each exercise techniques and how to correct them
    • Video taking of each exercise is recommended for references purpose
    • Training charges will be $35 per person or $50 for group exercises for a maximum of 3 person.
    • Each new client referral would be given a $10 off for your next training session
    • Each lesson will be focusing on a specific theory and practical exercise.
    How to contact me?
    • Can pm me here directly
    • Thru my email @
    • Whatsapp me @ 9148 0394
    Check out my FB page @

    Hope to hear from you soon, all the best with your journey towards a better body and a healthier lifestyle.
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    Are you interested to take up a personal trainer to guide you?

    Im looking for a dedicated and motivated person who is willing to make the nessecary positive changes in their life. No matter wherever you start doesnt matter, what matters is the direction that you are going.
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    Looking to train more fitness enthusiast who is determined to change for the better. Do whatsapp me now ;)
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    Please fill up the 10 question short survey to get a $10 off for your first session with me :)

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