Gymboxx Bedok Point?

Discussion in 'East' started by Syarif H., 17 Oct 2018.

  1. Syarif H.

    Syarif H. New Member

    Hey! New to Singapore and just joined Gymboxx in Bedok Point. Anyone want to team up? Bodybuilding focused but still a newb.
  2. TommyTeh

    TommyTeh Member

    Hi Syarif. have you found yourself a buddy yet? I use to lift but that was 6 years ago. Want to start over again. Im staying east area so Bedok shouldnt be an issue.
  3. Syarif H.

    Syarif H. New Member

    Hi Tommy, no buddies but have been flying solo. Gymmboxx Bedok Point is great, but I've been sticking to the early morning hours (5-7 AM) since post 5 PM the crowd number only keeps increasing! If that fits your schedule, we can catch up.

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