Have you seen my gains?


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15 Aug 2011
Gains oh gains, where have you gone?
i went to the lost & found, but you weren't there
clearly you got lost,
but can't seem to be found
so, gains oh gains
where are you now?

Could you be left at home?
I tried searching high & low,
to the closet; in i went,
opened every drawer,
checked every shelf,
but, gains oh gains
please come back to me now

The weight is heavy,
much heavier than it seems,
I feel so weak without you,
a weakness in my knees

Who would have thought,
that I'd miss you so much when you're gone
to a far away place
where dreams are made of

I've lost you once before,
once too many times in fact,
not cherishing you by my side
that would be my biggest regret

We could have conquered boulders together
and much heavy weight too
but now that you're no longer with me
all I can is that,
I really really miss you

With each rep i echo "gains"
on every lockout rep,
to hope that you'll finally hear me
one day you'll be back together with me
so in "gains" i gain gains too

Oh gains oh gains,
where have you gone?
out of the window perhaps
never to come back..
but i know with determination,
strength, and dedication
one day you'll be back!

So, have you seen my gains?
they were once here before.
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