HEY YA!! looking for gym buddies (west area) - bukit panjang :D

Discussion in 'West' started by Alexandrea, 17 Sep 2013.

  1. Alexandrea

    Alexandrea Member

    Hi All I am currently on a mission to tone up. Really want to meet people who can help and motivate me in this journey. And I want to be the same to you too.

    Hope to be meeting people who are gyming in the west area :D

    A little about me, I travel a lot and I love meeting new people.

    I started this year July with a weight of 120 kg and now I am down to about 68 - 70kg. Now my aim is to tone up.

    I am a big girl always had been. And now I just decided to have a healthier outlook to life. I have taken a year off everything to concentrate on my heath.

    So here’s to anyone out there who want to tone up lets do it together yah. and guys and girls are welcomed :D
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  2. moshimosh

    moshimosh New Member

    Woowww 120kg to 68kg!! Must have been really disciplined. Nice to hear about such stories, really inspires me. Unfortunately i dont stay around the bukit panjang area, cant gym with you. But all the best to you! continue working at it! (y)(y)
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  3. Alexandrea

    Alexandrea Member

    Thanks my dear. Love that this was inspiring to you.
    Lets work together ;)
  4. Yvonne Tan

    Yvonne Tan New Member

    Keen to work out with u :)
    I'm also staying in bukit panjang..
    Contact me soon?
  5. Wow! Amazing!!! How did you get that motivation to keep up? Good job there!
  6. koreanfanboy

    koreanfanboy Well-Known Member

    Thank you for loving yourself more!
  7. Ayu

    Ayu Member

    Keen to workout with you. Contact me soon. :)
  8. PrabhaMaya

    PrabhaMaya New Member

    im at bukit panjang too.. we can workout together
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  9. ABI

    ABI New Member

    ME ME! I go to anytime fitness! Anyone else?
  10. PrabhaMaya

    PrabhaMaya New Member

    lets meet n go together
  11. Sherman

    Sherman New Member

    Wow what a achievement. You inspired me to start work out. I just got into FF at Bukit Panjang and hope we can be of workout buddy.

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