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    1466503420975.jpg 1466083768857.jpg View attachment 4430 1466503420975.jpg View attachment 4427 1466083768857.jpg Personal home gym training at $70/seasion, located at west area. Why pay for 100+ an hour to queue and fight with the public in the gym when you can have an entire gym solely to you and you only?! As you can see from my pics, its evident enough that my training and diet regiment proves to be effective. I have always been fat since young and due to my genes, most of my fats are visceral (stubborn) fats. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for me to burn fat as compared to the others. However, i managed to come up with a diet plan and workout regiment that finally works through the knowledge i gathered about bodybuilding over the years. Thus, i believe i would be a much effective personal trainer as compared to those who were born lean and did not have to struggle to burn fat and put on quality muscles since i used to be fat all the while. Trust me, I know what it feels like to put in effort just to see it go down the drain when you see no results. Don't worry for i am here to guarantee you results if you can follow exactly as i instructed accordingly. Your changes in your body will be your own motivation. Facilities wise it is pretty much as complete as you can get in a gym, that i can guarantee (From multi gym to squat rack to interchangable dumbbells to weighted vests). I have weight plates of over 100kg at least. I will be sharing with you my lifestyle eating habits which is 101% upkeepable and my workout regiment fully without compromising. Start your effective bodybuilding lifestyle today! Whatsapp 91724829 for more info.

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