Home to Home Training (WeightLoss/Functional Fitness). ***SUPER CHEAP RATES***

Travis Wong

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26 Jan 2017
Home to Home Personal or Group exercise training.
We provide home to home fitness training to anyone who need a push or guidance for their exercises regime. We bring the gym to your doorstep and provide affordable professional one to one personal or group exercises. It will be conducted by our certified trainers to ensure quality training and achieve great result. Team up with friends to get a cheaper rates for group exercises. Or you can go solo for a one to one training with our personal trainer.

SMS 91171268 or Go to www.pocketfitness.net for more information.

PocketFitness Android Application
PocketFitness provides, easy and effective workout solution to help individuals who are either sedentary or active in their daily workout routine. We provide you guidance and effective training systems to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle (weight loss, functional fitness, cardiovascular fitness). With PocketFitness, exercise has never been so easy. You can download the free app from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.PocketFitness&hl=en

- There are two type of workout, High Intensity Training by Repetition or by Timing.
- Simple illustration to allow you to follow with ease.
- Contain 50 bodyweight exercises cards.
- Point system to track your progress.
- Built-in timer to help you track your resting and workout duration.

We use simple color codes to categorize the exercise into 4 different group, Upper, Middle, Lower and Total. Every session will start off with an Upper exercise, then to Middle, Lower and lastly Total in sequence. This ensured an effectively total body workout at the end of every session.

The exercises will appear randomly thus giving you more varieties to your workout. It will never be the same as the last workout you did.

This exercise system is base on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) regimen which is effective on improving cardiovascular system, functional strength and fat burning. By taking advantage of EPOC (Excess Post-Exericse Oxygen Consumption), your body will continue to burn massive amount of calories even many hours after the workout session.

We have included point system in this app to track your progression. Based on the difficulty of individual exercises, points are assigned to each of them. In additional, depending on the amount of repetition you do, the points will be further multiplied. At the end of each session, the total points will be recorded. Top 5 sessions will be stored in the history.

There is no need for equipment as all our exercises are bodyweight exercises.

Using Pocketfitness allows you to exercise without any personal trainers. The application is built to guide you from the start of the regime till the end.