Article How Effective is this Zumba thing? 3 Main Benefits.


30 Nov 2012
If you’ve not personally heard about Zumba, you really need to get back to the gym. Zumba has been riding waves of worldwide popularity for the past year and have gotten Singaporeans on their feet and into the studios. The mass appeal of Zumba is its dance aspect which makes it absolutely fun. And the fact that it shies from the standard punch and kick in aerobics makes it more than just exercise.

The sad news is, any exercise routine is as effective as your commitment to it.
Zumba lets you sweat out the calories, while having fun with friends and like-minded people. And it has proven to be very effective among its converts and advocates. But as do other fitness activities, its effectiveness weighs much on the length, intensity and regularity of the workout.

Check out what benefits you can reap from it:

Team Sport
Zumba is a group activity. Think synchronised dancing. By working out in a group, you are effectively surrounded by fellow motivators. Unlike other activities which challenge you at every step, Zumba keeps it fun and lets you forget your worries and inject energy into your day.

Full Body Workout
Get fit while dancing to the latest tunes? Why not? Zumba makes you move every part of your body and depending on the intensity of the sequence will tone up the favourite parts of the body, the upper arms, thighs, butt and even your abs. Also get in touch with those muscles that don’t get much attention in your daily lives.

Learn to Dance
Zumba blends major dances like Salsa, Mambo, Hip Hop and even squeezes in some Bollywood. So you’re most likely thinking of getting those moves right rather than which muscle you’re targeting. How about showing off those new dance moves at the next wedding or ladies night? No dance skills? No problem! Before you even know it, you might be boogie-ing down like the best of ‘em.


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23 Jun 2013
I haven't heard about it before but after reading what you written i must say this thing look so cool i am glad to see it and appreciate you for what you have posted.
Keep sharing useful stuff like that i am surely gonna try them.
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