How To Relax


3 Feb 2013
Here's How:
  1. Sit
    Find a comfortable place to sit. Sit with you back straight and feet on the floor. Be comfortable, but alert.

  2. Close your eyes
    Just relax. Close your eyes. Let everything fall away.

  3. Breathe in
    Breathe in through your nose. Feel the breath fill your body.

  4. Breathe out
    Exhale through your nose. Feel your body collapse. Breathe out fully.

  5. Repeat
    Continue breathing. After each time your breath in and out, say (or think) the word “One”. Continue for 20 minutes. You can change the word to anything meaningful for you.

  6. Practice daily
    Repeat this everyday. Have a set time to do it. Don’t worry about setting an alarm, just have a clock nearby that you can see. If you start drifting in thought, gently return to your breathing.

  7. Mini-relaxations
    During your day, stop a few times and ‘do a mini’. Just breath in and out for about a minute. This will relax you and begin to teach your body how to respond to stress in a calm way.