Income Opportunity.. u mad?


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2 Jun 2011

A message, apparently sent to all SMRT cabbies, told them that there was an 'income opportunity' during the MRT breakdown last evening (Dec 15). SMRT has apologised and explained that it was a 'template message'.

The SMRT spokesperson said:

“We are sorry for the oversight. Our staff were using a template message, and we have since corrected it.”

Many STOMPers have, however, expressed anger at the message.

STOMPer choon hong wrote:

“Instead of empathizing with the public, SMRT sent out an 'income opportunity' alert to their taxi drivers to pick up passengers in affected area. I got upset at the way the message is phrased --- it's like making a mockery out of this situation.”

STOMPer Gary wrote:

“SMRT sent out this message to all their taxi drivers that the mrt breakdown is a great income earning opportunity.

"Coupled with the fact that the trains have broken down 2 days in a row, this is definitely unacceptable!“

A STOMPer wrote:

“See what SMRT told their cabbies!”

STOMPer stomping wrote:

“Look at this good 'lobang' sent by SMRT to their cab driver.

"So much for a world class transport system!“

STOMPer romperstomper wrote:

"A picture paints a thousand words."

STOMPer KPO_investigator wrote:

“SMRT Taxi company flashed this to all their drivers when the trains broke down.

"Maybe its normal for them but to most people this may be sarcastic."

STOMPer OnePocketToAnother wrote:

“Despite the "word class" transportation system failure, the person in charge still had the cheek to sent a notification to cabbies regarding a "business oppurtunity". no subsidies but plain mockery. “

STOMPer jackie wrote:

“I was on a SMRT cab yesterday (Dec 15) when the driver recieved this message from the head office saying this is the time for the cab to earn more money.“


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7 Jun 2011