Intriguing Jungle Gym


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4 Jun 2011

New Yorker Maik Wiedenbach was on vacation when by chance came upon what can only be described as a true Jungle Gym. Here's the story in his own words.

"My wife and I had the pleasure to spent the last 8 days in Costa Rica and I have to say the country is breathtaking. It offers every conceivable form of vegetation, landscapes from mountains to sandy beaches as well as a plethora of animals. So we spent 2 days hiking and five days on the beach. But as a true muscle head, I had to work out. Every morning I would use my resistance band for rows, deads, curls and military presses which was sufficient for a decent pump and to annoy my wife.

Then, during a jungle beach walk, I found this wooden contraption: a makeshift gym with a dip bar, pull ups and some barbells with wooden plates. I couldn't resist and simply had to use it (as everybody knows pull ups and dips are the original muscle beach workout). In short, it was great! Pumping outdoors with the Pacific Ocean as a background! It also goes to show that bodybuilding is truly a global sport and you can pursue it anywhere. So train hard."
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3 Jun 2011
It must have been difficult making those weight plates from wood: the sizes, weight ratio, balance, etc.