Ironman 70.3 Singapore [18 Mar 2012]


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8 Jun 2011

1. What is the date of the 2012 AVIVA Ironman 70.3 Singapore event?
Sunday, 18th March 2012 and the event will return to an earlier start time and will commmence at approximately 7:15am with the elite waves going first.

2. Do I have to qualify to compete in this event?
No. However, we HIGHLY recommend competition in events over distances leading up to the Ironman 70.3 distance of 1.9km Swim, 90.1km ride and 21.1km run and we STRONGLY urge and recommend a medical check by your personal doctor to ensure you are physically fit - see our entry waiver and conditions of entry for more details.
Note: To be classified as a finisher, you will need to be able swim, ride and run the combined race distance of 70.3 miles in less time than the 8.5 hours allowed - and, importantly, to make the interim cut off times applicable to the swim and bike legs also.

3. What is the entry fee?
Entries are open to both individual and team entries. Entry will be retained at $SGD 395 for Individuals and there is also a team entry. Teams may comprise two or three athletes and regardless, the team entry will continue at $SGD600-00.

The entry fee covers your entry to the event that is the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore, plus a Competitor's Registration Kit that will contain at least Bike Numbers, Helmet Numbers, Race bibs, security wrist strap and a Swim Cap. NOTE: All Competitors will receive a single Complimentary Function Ticket for both the carbo loading dinner and Post Race Banquet as part of their entry (but you CAN purchase additional tickets for friends and family when entering). In addition, all "Official Finishers" (those completing the entire 1.9km Swim, 90.1 km Bike and 21.1km run within 8h30m) will receive an unique Commemorative Finisher's Technical Tee-Shirt and the unique and special Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore Finisher's medal. Additional commemorative and promotional products may also be given to each competitor through our valued Sponsors,

4. What is the closing date?
The closing date for individual and team entries is set at midnight on 18th February 2012, OR EARLIER if the field maximum of 1500 entries is reached before that date as it was in 2011.

5. Is specific race information (e.g., course maps, event schedule) available?
Most general event information (EG: Course maps as available, event schedules etc) will be made available in the official race website at as these are confirmed for 2012. A comprehensive Competitors Information Booklet will be made available as a downloadable PDF file around 4-6 weeks from the event date. It will contain information on all facets of the event and provides written information on most aspects of race conduct also.

Please note that this booklet does not replace the compulsory briefing for the race that will cover all safety aspects of the event for competitors. A commemorative race program will also be available close to the race date.

6. Whom do I contact to secure a hotel room in Singapore for this event and who are the travel partners?

There will be a number of official hotels for the 2012 event. Presently ALL room reservations for Aviva Ironman 70.3 Participants may be booked directly with the official hotels via a Direct Reservation Form issued by the Hotel, quoting the Event name. However, we are currently working to provide direct online bookings for those properties to enjoy official status in 2012. To enjoy the special rates, participants are requested to produce the Race Confirmation Slip upon check-in and check-out at the cashier.

Please check the Travel and Accommodation section of the website for the latest details, as available.

7. Which local bike shop do you recommend I contact to assist with bike repairs?
Our official bike shop partner will be announced closer to the eventbut there are many bike shops around Singapore who may be able to assist you in race week.

8. Once I have registered for the event, whom do I contact with an address change?
You can do most entry alterations yourself. Please sign back into to the entry system and affect your own alterations. However should you have problems, then please send your full name, athlete registration number and your new address to: info@ironman703singapore.

9. Can I purchase tickets to the welcome dinner and awards banquet for myself, family and friends?
Additional Welcome/Carbo Dinner and Award Ceremony tickets are available for purchase by Competitors with their entry form. Tickets will also be on sale for family, friends and guests at Registration/Packet Pick Up.

10. Which sports nutrition items will be available on-course?
Please refer to the 2012 Athlete Guide for specific product use on race day, however we are glad to announce that Sports in Science will be the official nutrition for the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore and 100PLUS is the official hydration product.

11. If I become injured or cannot compete in the race for any reason, may I transfer my slot to the following year or to another person?
Unfortunately NO, entry slots are non-transferable to either another race, or another person. For race entry cancellation please refer to our comprehensive Cancellation Policy for all information required and the conditions invoked with entry cancellation.

12. Does the event have qualifying slots to the 2012 Ironman World Championships 70.3?
Yes, there are slots for the winners and each age group winner, plus additional slots up to a maximum of 35 slots in total to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Please note that this event is NOT a qualifying event to the Ford Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. and in most cases you will need to enter a full Ironman race to seek this qualification.

13. What is the distance of the Ironman 70.3 and what are the cut-off times for the race?
Swim – 1.9kms - Cut off is 1:10 after your wave start in the swim.
Bike – 90.1kms - Cut off is 5:00 after your original wave start. Note there may be interim cut offs on the bike to allow traffic to resume normal flow as early as possible.
Run - 21.1kms - Cut off at the finish is 8:00 after your original wave start.
There may be intermediate cut-offs dependent on authority's wants in relation to the bike course.

14. How can I determine the number of world championship slots at each qualifier?
The specific number of slots for each category will be determined by the final entry in each age group and elite category, and the initial slot allocation is shown in the 'Competitor Info' tab. These specifics will be updated and published prior to Race Registration and Race Pack Pick up - after close of entries.

15. I know someone who is interested in volunteering during the event. Who do they contact?
Please direct all volunteers to complete the form in the volunteer page. And thank you for volunteering in advance.

16. I'm a pro athlete, and I'd like to know the prize money for the 2012 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore?

There is equal prize money for pro men and female triathletes. The current total prize money for Pro athletes currently stands at a minimum $15,000 USD.
Prize money is split as follows:​
1. $3000​
2. $2000​
3. $1250​
4. $750​
5. $500​
Note that prize money will be paid as per the WTC protocols in relations to times and Doping Control results.

17. Are wetsuits needed for the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore race?
Singapore waters rarely drop below 25-26C. Wetsuits will not be allowed at these temperatures.

18. Are neutrally bouyant swim-skins permitted for the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore race?
Neutrally bouyant swim-skins will be allowed only within rules laid down through the WTC Rules and Regulations for racing. Note that no neoprene is allowed and suits may be made from nylon and/or Lycra only.

19. I am a 17 year old junior elite triathlete and is wondering if I can participate in the team category of the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore race?
Under WTC regulations, junior elite triathletes are allowed to participate in the team category but may compete in only one leg of the triathlon, provided they are 17 years old on or before the event race date.

For individual entries, the minimum entry age is set at 18 years old as of the date of the Ironman World Championship 70.3.
PLEASE NOTE THAT All ages / and ager groups are determined by YOUR age on 31 December 2012, as per WTC rules.