Is this dietary ok?

See siang

19 Jun 2014
i just returned back to my gym and want to know if this dietary is ok.

my output: morning (light work out) 1-2 hours) evening (moderate work out 2-4 hours)

My input: morning (3 slice wholemeal bread), noon (fish soup without rice and 50% of soup remaining) tea break (1 cup of baby tomato) evening (1 banana) supper (veggie patty salad with sauce).

My protein in take: 3 times (after morning gym, before lunch and after evening gym)

do you think input exceed output?

Kai @ Aileron

New Member
28 May 2015
Hi See Siang,

That's an interesting question that you've asked.

First, you need to explain what your fitness goal is, which I infer is weight loss.

From a nutrition standpoint, your diet is pretty healthy though I'd suggest you cut out drinking the soup of the fish soup because of the high sodium content.

If you are talking about weight loss, there's many factors to consider when it comes to your diet. For instance, you need to know your body type -- ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph -- because that will affect how, when and what you eat.

Eating only bread in the morning is not going to help you in weight loss because your bread, albeit wholemeal, will raise your blood sugar levels real high, creating high levels of insulin in your body, a component that encourages fat storage, especially in the belly region. Replace simple carbs with protein and fats for breakfast to keep your blood sugar level steady in the morning.

Your workout regime seems pretty heavy. What are the exercises that you do? Do bear in mind that working out too much is also not good for weight loss because you may be putting your body under a lot of stress, hence releasing cortisol, a component which inhibits fat loss.

Hope this helps. I'm also contactable at

All the best.