James Bond Captured In Seoul

7 Nov 2011
This is a month old news but quite interesting to share. Last October, a North Korean born assassin was caught by the Seoul authorities after a failed attack to a human rights activist Park Sang-Hak, which the prosecutors believed he was the target of assassination.

What is interesting about this assassin named An is he used weapons quite similar from the movie James Bond. Here are some 'cool gadgets' the North Korean intelligence invented:

1. Fountain pen guns - can fire a bladed projectile and the other is tipped with a poison.
2. Wristband - can fire from a distance of 16 feet
3. Poisonous capsules

He was arrested in subway last September 3 carrying these high-tech gadgets that believed to use in killing Sang-Hak. I could not imagine what else there is from North Korean gadgets that could be surprising as this one.:)