Jurong West covered in ash


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7 Jun 2011

A layer of mystery ash fell over the area of 40 HDB blocks in Jurong West this morning.

More than 20 readers called Shin Min Daily News this morning to report that a layer of ash has appeared over just about everything in an area around Jurong West Street 91.

When reporters arrived at the scene, ash was still falling from the sky, covering everything including cars, the roads, the trees and fields, and the HDB blocks.

It is estimated that the entire Jurong West Street 91 was affected, including at least 40 HDB blocks.

Ash was also seen at the nearby Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus.

A resident, Mdm You (48, housewife) told reporters that she had come out this morning to discover everything covered in a layer of ash. She saw the same when she walked near the NTU campus.

She said, "We don't know where the ash is coming from. It seems to have started falling since last night. We have never experienced something like this here".

Another resident, Mdm Wang (50, housewife) said that when she looked out from her kitchen window, the cars in the carpark were all covered in a layer of ash.

She said, "Initially, I thought it was snowing but discovered it was ash after a closer look. I hope this is not hazardous to health".

Reporters took a closer look at the ash, and found it to be in clumps the size of a thumb. The ash crumbles immediately upon handling and there is no discernable smell of burning or smoke in the air.

The National Environment Agency is investigating the cause of the ashes.

Source: Shin Min Daily News, 3 September 2011.



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2 Jun 2011
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lol,when i was gonna book in,i saw the ashes in my camp.like snowing only! thought it was some random chinese festival.