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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sterling77, 7 Mar 2019.

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    I'm 23yo male, not sure what I weigh yet. Id say 100kg, I'm looking at getting down to 70kg ideally. Just joined the gym, bought some pre workout and some WPI, and I'm super motivated. I've been putting it off for a while as I've just came out of a massive downhill spiral of anxiety, which led to me never wanting to leave the house, my career doesn't help either (chef) but I'm eager to hit the gym! Hopefully this will solve my anxiety issue.

    Anyhow, never been the gym before, I smoke cigarettes (will be attempting to quit for the first time soon) which will impact my performance but I am on my feet, walking and sweating 10+hrs a day so we'll see how I go, anyway my questions are

    1: DIET. I'm looking at basically changing between this each week, (meal 1: brown rice, tuna/salmon tins, steamed veg) (meal2: boiled and sliced potatoes, chicken, steam veg) would this be appropriate for weight loss? Also I love chia pudding and thought maybe I could incorporate my protein powder into my chia pudding also? At least this way I could ditch the usual suspects (orange chocolate I'm looking at you)

    2: EXCERSIZE. I like running, I was thinking maybe for the first week just to do cardio and get my stamina up before I start lifting and getting a little serious about it, or should I just go straight into sets and rotation of equipment? I've never done this before and want to know whether actually lifting weight (apart from gaining muscle) will help me lose weight at the same time? What excersize should I do?

    3: SCIENCE. what is the science behind losing weight, is a high protein or high carb low fat diet the way to go?

    I do have a friend to go with, and feel asif I have enough courage to pluck myself up out of this hole I'm in and get into the gym as I know mentally how beneficial it is. I'm more so just after some advice and some tips/tricks for losing weight and getting fit, but I am only a BEGINNER

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    What do u wanna achieve? A very tone body or just solely losing weight?
    U can contact me tell me more
    I can advise u on how to do it right and very effectively
  3. 1) https://www.vox.com/2018/1/3/16845438/exercise-weight-loss-myth-burn-calories

    I think the above link is a good place to start to understand weight loss. In theory at least. It does cover quite a few areas to give you a big picture understanding.

    2) https://www.yourcoach.be/en/coaching-tools/smart-goal-setting.php

    Goal setting is important. Set short-term tangible goals that are process orientated rather than results orientated. I.e. I want to go to the gym 2x a week on average for the next 6 weeks. Give yourself some leeway when you set the goals because it's unlikely for your plans to go smoothsailingly. I.e. 2x/week on average = if you skip once this week, you can make it up next week, if you know next week is going to be crazy, you can go thrice this week. But regardless, imo, process-orientated goals are the key.

    3) If you are a beginner, work with some one who can help you. Not just in the physical lifting aspect but also the goal setting, the education, social/motivational support you'll need.


    If you flick through Brave Shapes website, I think you'll find what they do relevant to you. I don't work with them directly or do I personally know anyone in their crew. I have only heard good things and I also think it's a good start :)

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