WTS KFIT (valid till 29 Feb 2016)


New Member
29 Jan 2016
Membership valid till: 29 Feb 2016

I am paying $99 for the monthly subscription but I am unable to go for classes in the month of February because I'm flying overseas for studies.
Willing to let go at a lower price of $85.

KFIT is a monthly membership that allows you to access any gym or facilities with their supporting partners (instead of paying for a membership with a gym). You can participate in classes such as yoga, Pilates, MMA, crossfit, personal training, dancing etc. KFIT also liased with companies such as Megazip, Wavehouse(for surfing), bike rentals, lazer tag, escape room and even saunas which members can go to for free. With KFIT, I managed to try and take on different sports and enjoyed my time in Sentosa playing the megazip and tried surfing at Wavehouse.

The only reason why I'm giving up my membership is because I'm leaving the country for studies and I'm unable to use my membership anymore hence I'm giving up my membership for the month of February.