Ladies-Only Weight Loss Support Group

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29 Oct 2013
Hi everyone,

I am a Singaporean undergraduate student planning to start an informal female weight-loss support group and am looking for a female dance instructor, who specialises in dance forms such as bollywood, belly dancing or other unique dance forms, willing to join my team as a volunteer.

I believe that the establishment of the non-profit support group will provide women, including myself, who have been attempting to shed some weight with an avenue to sculpt their bodies while being able to express themselves freely in a non-judgemental environment. This might also be an excellent opportunity for them to pursue their passion for dancing, to tone up their body and to have fun with newfound friends in a ladies-only environment. Hence, I would like to cordially invite female volunteers with considerable experience in dance choreography and training to join me as part of the organising team, to be involved in the planning and the execution of creative and exciting informal weekly activities such as dance training, group jogging, cycling or hiking to promote healthy weight loss and to have lots of fun!

If you are willing to spend your time and effort in a meaningful manner and believe that you will be able to take on this challenge during your leisure hours, please do reply or you can email me your personal particulars (Name, Age, Contact Number, Occupation, Availability, Skills & Previous experiences, if any) via I would also love to hear from you if you are interested in joining such a ladies-only weight-loss group! It would be great if you could include your height and weight in your email, as I am trying to limit the group to those whose BMI is above a certain level just to ensure that we are all on the same page! Do let me know if you need further clarifications as well! Kindly leave your contact number at the end of your messages and rest assured that every message will be personally acknowledged.

Retirees/Housewives are more than welcome to join the team! Thank you so much for your support!