WTS Letting go California membership ($55/mth)- Access to all branches


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9 Aug 2014
Hi, I'm going to let go of my California membership at the following rate:

Membership expire:27 Jun 2016 (Left 22.5 months from now)
Willing to let go at $1237.50 ($55/mth X 22.5mths)
Membership type: Platinum (All Access to all branches)
Reason to sell: There's a new gym outlet in the next office tower just 5mins from my office. Would like to sign up with them since it's more convenient for me to go after work compared to Cali.

*Pls Note: I'm only accepting interested offers to pay $1237.50 in one single payment (No monthly transfers allowed). Coz I have already prepaid my entire membership fee to California at the time i signed up. So there is no need to pay anymore monthly fee to Cali once i pass you my member card.

Anyone interested pls contact me directly at 97274689.
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