Local star insulted by Donnie Yen


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7 Jun 2011
Action star Donnie Yen reportedly yelled “Scram!†at local actor Qi Yuwu while filming a movie together. Rumours have been rife in the entertainment circle that Qi was loudly insulted while filming overseas, shaming him on the spot.

Apparently, the accused prima donna demanded that everyone has to seek approval from him before doing anything. This earned him the moniker of “Strongest in the Universe†– aka Donnie Yen.

However, Qi has refuted the rumours, saying: “Donnie is not such a person, and I have never heard him scolding anyone like that.â€

He admitted that Donnie looked stern on set but he was not arrogant. “He is a serious person, but doesn’t disrespect other people. He is very nice to me so I don’t know how such a rumour started!â€

Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 8 July 2011.