Looking for a female fitness buddy in Khatib/Yishun area.


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21 Jun 2016
Hello everyone,

My name is Nisha and I'm a 24 year old local female. I've tried to go on the whole healthy-eating and regular-exercising routine, but always either lost motivation or was lost as to how to clean eat in an Asian country like Singapore, given the very different food choices we have here as compared to the west.

I used to be very slim a couple years ago - but that was mostly due to crush diets and starvation. Now, I've just become a rather unhealthy, inactive, desk-bound binge eater who feels unhappy about her body image.

Looking to reach out to a fitness buddy who would like to work out together & hopefully reach our fitness goals! :) I think my most ideal expectations of a fitness buddy would be:
1) Female
2) living around Yishun, Khatib or Sembawang area
3) Have a gym membership with California Fitness (Novena) (optional)
4) Committed to least training once a week together

The gym membership is optional as we can also plan other workouts outdoors. But it would be ideal for me because I am someone who is a little freaked out and shy about working out at the gym alone. Haha..

If you're interested, kindly email me at priyahnisha08@gmail.com or WA at 97769067.