Looking for a Gym Buddy @ Pasir Ris/Kembangan

Discussion in 'East' started by Irwan Shah, 5 Sep 2017.

  1. Irwan Shah

    Irwan Shah Member

    Hi, as the title states, I'm looking for a gym buddy who can keep each other on track with regards to our fitness progress.

    I've uploaded a photo of myself on my avatar - skinny guy ikr? I wanna get a tad bigger. Perhaps it would be cool if you're of about the same physique and goal too?

    Also, I don't have a gym membership. Not entirely keen on getting one yet, but I might be up for it.

    Anyone interested please do let me know. Cheers.
  2. kian keong

    kian keong New Member

    hi i would like get gym buddy in pasir ris activesg. keen?

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  3. MrTrojanHorse95

    MrTrojanHorse95 New Member

    Bro still looking for a gym buddy? Need someone to help me stay motivated and follow through my workouts..
  4. Irwan Shah

    Irwan Shah Member

    Hi, sflr. I actually just got AF membership recently. Will hit the gym again in October once my baby brother is done with exams. Would you be willing to join? :)

    Sure... send me a DM and we can get into contact.
  5. dannyuhoh

    dannyuhoh New Member

    Looking for a spotter. I work out at AF Downtown East sometimes, will feel more secure with a buddy when i'm doing bench presses. Let me know if you're up for spotting each other
  6. MrTrojanHorse95

    MrTrojanHorse95 New Member

    Same, same. I go to ActiveSG gyms only

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