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Discussion in 'Central / South' started by 23monkeys, 16 Oct 2019.

  1. 23monkeys

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    Hi there, I am currently training for an upcoming competition in 2020, and am doing multiple supplementary activities that can aid my progress. I am not looking for a PT, but an equally sports-fanatic person or group of people who would love to do a variety of sports with me, and help each other get the enthusiasm and motivation to accomplish what we started.

    A sample of my daily training schedule would look something like this:

    Morning session
    06:30- 09:00 Ashtanga Mysore
    10:00- 11:00 Muay Thai
    11:00- 12:00 Rest
    12:00- 13:00 HIIT

    Afternoon session
    16:00- 17:00 HIIT
    17:00- 20:00 Training

  2. stopbeinglazylol

    stopbeinglazylol New Member

    hi where do u train

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