Looking for female gym khaki at jurong west Anytime Fitness

Discussion in 'West' started by Janffany, 31 Jul 2016.

  1. Janffany

    Janffany Member

    Hi there! I seriously need a gym buddy! Lack of motivation to go to the gym alone, yet in desperate need to lose weight haha! Anybody looking for a gym buddy at Jurong or Anytime Fitness, let me know please! :)
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  2. Khykhy

    Khykhy New Member

    Hi, u can join me at anytime fitness CCK if u want!
  3. priya

    priya New Member

    How about jurong West sports complex gym near Pioneer? :)
  4. ZiyuanKoh

    ZiyuanKoh New Member

    Hi i am interested :)
  5. Wilnyn

    Wilnyn New Member

    Does anytime fitness have per entry rates? I'm staying near taman jurong anytime fitness!
    Wanting to hit the gym but never been to one before hahaha
  6. Janffany

    Janffany Member

    Nope, sadly there's no per enty rates.
  7. Janffany

    Janffany Member

    U can try sports complex gym!
  8. Wilnyn

    Wilnyn New Member

    Okay!!! Thank u!!! :-D
  9. Imakathykat

    Imakathykat Member

    Whats the rates like at Anytime Fitness? I don't mind.
  10. Fauzi

    Fauzi New Member

    Wanna join me at jurong anytime fitness?
  11. San

    San New Member

    how aout cantonment
  12. Westie

    Westie New Member

    Still looking for a gym buddy?
  13. YvonnePinkPink

    YvonnePinkPink New Member

    I want to look for gym buddy too? Now u still gym?
  14. Janffany

    Janffany Member

    Yea I still gym at AF!
  15. YvonnePinkPink

    YvonnePinkPink New Member

    Hi Janffany,
    Can I join you ?
    What time you will go and where are the place you go ?
  16. Janffany

    Janffany Member

    Sure! Are you with Anytime fitness too? Usually I go Boon keng's AF, or jurong AF:)
  17. YvonnePinkPink

    YvonnePinkPink New Member

    Boon Keng very far Jurong will be okay you can call me 91299520 actually I haven sign up hah
  18. Tinat

    Tinat New Member

    Hi are you still looking for a workout buddy? :)
  19. sleepypig_lulu

    sleepypig_lulu New Member

    Count in me if yes :)
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  20. Kimlsk

    Kimlsk New Member

    Me too. But I’m very beginner though

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