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Discussion in 'Find a Fitness Instructor' started by Hui Lin, 2 Aug 2019.

  1. Hui Lin

    Hui Lin New Member

    Hello, I am Hui Lin, 18yrs old, looking for a female personal trainer that specialises in weightlifting/powerlifting for weight loss. I am looking to burn fat and build up my muscles.

    I’m located in Sengkang area and my nearest gym would be ActiveSG gym @ Anchorvale CC or Anytime Fitness @ Greenwich (I would have to get a membership haha)
    I’m usually free in the evening.
    We can discuss the cost and everything else.
    Do contact me if you’re interested!:)
  2. stopbeinglazylol

    stopbeinglazylol New Member

    Hello, do you still want a gym trainer?

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