WTB looking for gym equipment squat rack gym station etc

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by yourke, 26 Jul 2017.

  1. yourke

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    Looking for gym equipment (squat rack, weights, Olympic barb. bench etc)

    Thanks both used and new.

  2. Ryan2001

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    Hi is the standard 1 inch barbell and weight plates good for u?
  3. yourke

    yourke New Member

    no thanks, looking for bigger and better :)
  4. GymsupplySG

    GymsupplySG New Member

    Hello ,

    Check our carousell page , We sell Olympic bumper plates and Olympic barbells(Power bars , Olympic Bars , Trap bars) at affordable prices.


  5. sayhien

    sayhien New Member

    Squat racks x 2 - $160

    - Multi-exercise (See below)

    - Adjustable height (Upper rack and lower rack)

    - Rear rollers (Easy to move around)

    - Spring-Knob to adjust lower rack height

    - Rubberised bottom (Minimises sound as you move it around & enhanced stability)

    - Barbell hooks (Hook both sides of the barbell so putting on weights doesn't cause the other side to flip over - great for safety and floor banging haha)

    - Extremely robust and stable

    Do the following exercises:

    Upper rack: use pins to adjust height
    • Shoulder press

    • Back squat (Try to do front squats as any bad back squat form is not immediately apparent until you feel pain; but it only comes after many back squat sessions)

    • Front squat (Do this squat at all times since you can correct bad form almost immediately and it's the perfect exercise to increase OVERALL SIZE)

    • Pull-ups

    • Good mornings

    • Lunges
    Lower rack: use the knob to adjust height
    • Bench press

    • Inclined bench press

    • Barbell curl

    • Dips

    And of course, many more exercises depending on your creativity and research. I've only listed a few of what this durable squat rack can do...

    Photo 2-7-17, 9 51 39 AM.jpg Photo 2-7-17, 9 51 56 AM.jpg

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  6. sayhien

    sayhien New Member

    Bench - $160

    - Fold/unfold easily
    - 5 Quick position adjustment with ladder support design
    - Height adjustable leg hook
    - Covered roller foam - Easy to clean and less prone to damage
    - Very stable compared to many folding bench in the market
    - Easy storage when folded

    - Product Dimension - 138.4 x 45.7 x 52.1cm
    - Product Weight - 15kg
    - Max Load - 181 KG
    - Assembly - 100% assembled
    - Brand - Vigor

    For personal fitness training at home, a folding weight bench is a must have tool. There are many benefits to the folding weight bench. Folding fitness benches make an excellent investment because of their many benefits.

    Photo 2-7-17, 10 04 47 AM.jpg
    Chief among the benefits is that they allow you to maximize your space. Often in a home finding the room to exercise can be limited.

    Photo 2-7-17, 10 05 13 AM.jpg Another key is that a folding weight bench makes it possible to perform several types of exercise without having to transfer from one bench to the next. You can get a thorough workout fast and not miss steps.

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  7. Aanna

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    What kind of equipment you need? like Treadmill,Exercise bike & Exercise machines etc, You can check few accessories from Online RDX shop!
  8. Aanna

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