Looking For Personal Trainer In Yishun Northpoint Anytime Fitness

Tommy kok

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29 Sep 2020
Looking for private personal trainer in Yishun Northpoint Anytime Fitness

1. Principles & Philosophies
... Integrity: Be someone trustworthy
... Excellence: Be at 100% when training
... Punctuality: Mutual respect is key
... Focus: Distraction free during training
... Responsible: Take ownership
... Respect: Respect breeds trust
2. Job Scope
... Workout hours: Monday to Friday (7am to 8am)
... Location: Yishun Northpoint Anytime Fitness Gym
... Prepare a basic month by month workout plan
... Basic trainer responsibilities during workout sessions
... Tracking: I have a google sheet, track every exercise there
... Tracking: A simple sleep tracking to be done every Monday to Friday, google sheet provided also.
... Best if have iPad to track the workouts during the workout session or have to key in after workout session
3. Renumeration & Compensation
... Salary: $1,100 per month
... Bonus: $200 per month if responsibilities are done excellently (training, tracking, punctuality)
... Trial: $50 per session to see if we're a great fit (1 week)
... Starts: ASAP once you've passed video interview
... Payment terms: I will always pay prior to training. As trust develops, it will be bi-weekly or monthly
4. Other things to take note
... Must be male and straight
... I don't care... about your age, ethnic group, certificates, papers, no experience whatsoever.
... I care... about personality, responsibility, principles, results, excellence, presence and love for the work.
... Your physique must be something that I would want to aim for. Don't need to win competition but you know what I mean lah uh.
... Best client: I will aim to be the best client for you. Will provide video testimonial and ideally a great client transformation for you to use as leverage for your future ventures.