looking for weight loss buddy/buddies


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19 Dec 2014

I'm looking for serious, committed, motivated and goal-oriented weight loss buddy or a group of buddies to lose approx 8kilos in the next couple of months.

I'm 63kg, 151cm, female, 28 years.

We don't always have to train together or work out together. More importantly, would like to share a relationship where we are accountable to each other for our weight loss (e.g. hitting milestones or staying away from fattening food etc) or when we slip up, provide each other with the support, motivation and constructive suggestions and strategies as to how we can try again. We could do this through what's app. Again, our goals do not have to be exactly the same though similar goals would be an added advantage, of course.

Would also be a plus if you wanna train together for a 1/2 marathon and then a full marathon by the end of next year!

I'm of average fitness -- I go once a week for circuit classes and do some kayaking. But would love to explore yoga as well and other functional circuit training circuits, esp those that will improve my core.

Please PM me if you are interested! if you already know of an existing group out there, please let me know!

Thanks guys!
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